One hundred and two and feeling like NEW!

On September 21st, I blogged about practicing yoga until you’re 102 to enhance the greatness in your life. Well, what do you know. One of my patients over the past few nights was, you guessed it, 102. When I walked in her room, I had to double check her name band because I swear she looked like a 70 year old. Smiling bright, asking about my schooling, remembering my name, walking around with just a walker by herself! and overall having an unforgettable zest for life! She even said that she worked at her family business until she was 99. NINETY NINE!!! That is crazy!!! You know what she said was one of her secrets?? Practicing yoga EVERY DAY! Can you believe it??!! She started talking about her yoga practice, and how it helps keep her balanced. She mentioned that yoga is so much more than poses and found that the breathing and aspects to do with energy were the most beneficial to her. She said that “those 70 and 80 year olds in the class often do the class sitting in the chair because they can’t move around as well. But not me!” AMAZING!!! At her assisted living home where she lives, she has so many friends who have called asking about how she is doing. She also mentioned that friends and family are some of the most important things in her life. There were family members constantly phoning to check in on her. She seemed to be extremely loved, and extremely happy.

This is the most beautiful older woman I have ever seen. I told her how much she inspired me. I wish I could have chatted with her for hours. What an amazing woman. Life really seems to be all about ATTITUDE and doing things that keep us balanced. I can’t say enough how much I feel yoga brings balance to my life. This week I saw living proof. One hundred and two years of zestful, passionate, optimistic, fun-loving truth. I love it. WOW!!!!

(This is a pic of Chip Wilson’s dad practicing yoga!! So awesome!!! On Father’s Day this year, his dad was in a short clip on the Lulu blog of how yoga enhances his well-being and keeps him in optimal health! – AWESOME!!!)

Smile with your heart!

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