Give more hugs!!!

This blog has been specifically requested by Melissa who asked that I PLEASE give a shout out on my blog to everyone in Vancouver to PLEASE GIVE MORE HUGS!!!! And none of these sideway hugs, pat-pat quick hugs, or butt out half ass hugs… I’m talking about REAL HUGS!!!! There’s nothing better than a BIG bear hug at LEAST once a day. Minimum!!! I like to say, the best way to give a hug is to RECEIVE one :) Hugs are therapy, so show someone how much you care about them today by receiving the biggest most loving hug possible!!! Spread the love!!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Love it! I miss you guys :) Hey BTW – tell Melissa to Skype me!

  2. haha.. done! Hope you're loving life at home :) I'm going to come visit one of these days!!!

  3. I love working at West 4th lululemon because I get at least 4 hugs before I get upstairs to put my stuff down! :) Love you guys!

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