I’m sure I’ve posted something to this extent before, but I had to mention it again! I was walking home from work tonight and passed by the Lululemon Lab store. One of their signs in the window caught my eye. It read, “If not now, when?” I thought about it for awhile and smiled. Another great job by lulu :) SO TRUE!!! Doing things NOW helps us to live in the moment and follow our bliss. Don’t you hate having a to do list that just keeps getting added to? Or you have a monster goal that seems too massive at the moment that you’re too afraid to even begin? Start with something SMALL. DO IT NOW!!!

Live every day as if you only had a few months to live. I’m trying to do this lately. It’s helping me balance everything in my life. Reaching my goals, spending time with friends and family, working hard, doing things I love, making TIME for people and things that I love, trying to make a difference on a bigger level… it goes on and on :)

I am fortunate to be humbled every day I go to work. I’ve decided I’m going to start bringing the nursing world into this blog because there is so much to learn from the people and situations I am a part of EVERY time I interact with and help a patient. Last week, a young girl in her early twenties was admitted to our ward. The previous day she had fainted at school and was brought to the hospital, never having had any medical problems in the past. She and her family found out that she had brain cancer which had spread all over her body for which there was no hope. She was given only a few more weeks (hopefully) to live.

This was just a reminder to me, and to everyone working on the ward that day I’m sure, that life is precious. You HAVE to do what you love and surround yourself with people that LIFT YOU UP and experiences that IGNITE YOUR SPIRIT. If I can help only one person to live tomorrow with more passion and zest for life, then I am happy. I will feel that I am making a difference. And after all, we are all connected. Our happiness is contagious. What gives you your zest for life???! DO THAT!!!

Smile with your heart!!

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