Don’t let the rain stop you!!!!!

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

This is an advertisement for MEC I will never forget.. I love this line!!! Mandy and I were stoked to do an overnighter and were optimistic about the weather, even though the forecast said rain, rain and some more rain :) Monday morning we were suuuuper excited to get going since it was a beautiful day! The grey clouds rolling in didn’t stop us. We grabbed our gear and headed to Squamish.

It started raining a bit, so we stayed an extra while in the coffee shop warming ourselves up because we knew it was gonna be a wet one. We drove all the way up the road to Garibaldi Park, still raining. So we waited a while in the car, contemplated about heading back or even just doing a day hike. NO WAY!! We were determined!!! Off we went!! I guess I need to remember that it’s no longer summer hiking season, so next time I won’t wear my summer tights. A little bit too optimistic I suppose. I was freezing!! BUT! I did bring my swimming goggles which ended up being helpful when the blizzard started blowing stronger. haha

About an hour in, it started SNOWING!! SO RAD!!! Who knew??!!!! We met a friendly couple in the Red Heather hut which is on the way to Elfin Lakes. They saw how cold we were, and offered us their hot chocolate. I LOVE the people that this hobby brings together… what an amazing community. We kept going up and up, and got to our destination in about 3 hours total.


I REALLY recommend this hike!!

It’s probably a moderate hike, 11km in. We had decided to leave the tent in the car and sleep in the hut, which wasroasty toasty warm when we opened the door. We were welcomed by some young people who were making their way back from Alaska, camping along the way all the way down to Seattle. We shared some stories, some laughs and even did some goal setting with them! Good times!


This morning, after an off-and-on sleep, we were happy to see that the rain/snow had stopped and the clouds were starting to clear. Off we went, after saying goodbye to the cabin with our new memories and new found relaxation and calmness from sleeping in the forest. I LOVE this!!! There were even some fresh blueberries we found on the way down.  Amazing.


This hike is only about 45 minutes from Vancouver. Right in our backyard!! Get out there and enjoy it!!

We could have turned around or decided to not go on our adventure because of the weather. I’m so grateful that we decided to go. It’s like most challenging things. We often forget the crappy and rough times, and only take with us the happy memories gained along the way. Don’t let the rain stop you!! It can make it that much more fun and exciting, as long as you’re not wearing summer tights!! Head to Elfin Lakes! You will LOVE IT!!!

Smile with your heart!

Happy belated Thanksgiving too!!!!!!!!!!

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