Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions!!

THIS is what happens when you don’t ask questions!!! I just recently moved into Melissa’s place for a few months. My first night here I thought I’d be that tidy, clean roommate and put the dishwasher on so that there would be clean ones for the morning. Well… that plan backfired. About 15 minutes after I turned it on, after going to bed already, I got up to check on something (thank goodness) and thought, “that’s funny, why did Melissa put a white rug down in the kitchen??”. NOT A RUG! BUT SOAPY WATER EVERYWHERE!!! Nice new roommate I am eh??! I guess the massive bottle “dishwash-ing soap” is COMPLETELY different from “dishwash-er soap”. Lesson learned. The carpet guys are here now cleaning the damn thing up… Grrrrr. Just when you think life is going to remain calm, it throws you yet another curve ball. Another lesson learned I guess :)

Being a student nurse on a new ward in the hospital, I’m constantly asking questions. It’s starting to really get to me how many questions I find myself asking! So when I get home, and am not sure whether I’m using the right dishwashing soap, I don’t want to ask yet ANOTHER question. I figure I can figure it out on my own. Wrong. Unfortunately. Oh well, life goes on. It could be MUCH MUCH worse :)

Listen. Listen. Listen. And then ask strategic questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question. I’m learning that questioning means you have a curiosity for life. If you’re not asking questions, you’re probably not challenging yourself enough or your ego is a bit too propped up at the moment. I hear this from the nurses all the time. If I’m not asking questions, they say, I’m probably not practicing safely. ASK QUESTIONS!! People like to feel important, and people like to help. I’m learning this slowly. It’s better to think strategically, listen and then ask questions… but in the end, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. We’ve all heard this before. But sometimes it takes a dishwasher to overflow to learn the lesson once again. :)

Smile with your heart! It’s okay to make mistakes! Ask strategic questions and fuel your curiosity for life!!!

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