A Scottish Proverb…

Here’s a friends quote of the day :)

“A smile costs less than electricity and gives aff more light”.


Sheena and Laura did a kickASS! presentation in class last semester that I’ll never forget. It was about how a smile can go such a long way. The part that stuck with me the most, and I laugh every time I think of it is.. The bigger your smile, the less your friends will notice the old clothes you’re wearing again!!! (as you can tell, it’s made specifically for students.. hahaha).. It’s true though! Who cares if you have a new outfit.. smile and radiate yourself with confidence and inner light.. that’s all we really need :)

If this picture doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will! :) There was another one in there too, but he couldn’t fit through the window. I love Golden’s!!!

Smile with your heart!

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