FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #43 – Read a good book.

With the weather starting to change and the nights starting to come a little sooner, you can’t but help but curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and dive into a good book. Well that’s how I’ve been feeling lately anyways :) I tend to forget what a book worm I really am when I’m so consumed with school. It’s been nice lately having less homework on my days off and actually being able to enjoy some time reading a book without feeling GUILTY about not reading a nursing text book!

I like to have a few good books on the go at the same time. Usually I like to read a personal growth book and an adventure type story at the same time. I FINALLY just finished ‘Shantaram’ which is the monster of all big novels. I think it took me a few good months to get through that one, but definitely a good read.

Right now I’m reading ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ which seems to be good so far. When Murf and I were in Belize, we RANDOMLY ran into a friend who I work with lifeguarding in Burnaby who recommended this book. So Random! I always love it when I’m recommended a book or lent one from a friend. This book is also recommended on the cover of ‘Saltwater Buddha’ which I just recently read in only one day it was that good.

I’m also reading ‘The Happiness Project’ which I think will inspire me to continue blogging, since I’m sure I’ll come across a whole bunch of creative ideas. I’m excited about this one :) I’ll let you know how they go!

Please, if you know of an amazing book you think I would love, please email me!!! jenn_thiel@hotmail.com

Smile with your heart! Get cozy, grab a warm cup of tea and forget about life for a while while you get lost in your imagination with the help of a good book :)

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