FEEl GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #42- Remember someone’s name!

It sounds easy to do, but remembering someone’s name can be tough. I read somewhere once that hearing someone say our own name is one of the sweetest things our ears can hear. Just think of a time when you ran into someone who remembered your name when you thought they had no idea. It feels good! It ALSO feels good to remember someone else’s name. Sometimes you can see their face light up with excitement and gratitude because you remembered something so simple, yet so important. It feels good when my patients remember my name, or new people that I meet. It helps build and strengthen relationships that much faster :)

Something that works for me is picturing someone with the same name beside a new face. For example, I meet someone named “Lindsey” and then I right away picture a Lindsey I know and in my mind I put them side by side. So next time I see this new friend, I will automatically picture the two Lindsey’s side by side and it’s easier to remember :) Also, saying the person’s name 3 times in your initial conversation works too. There’s tons of other ways, but just choose one that works for you.

Make a conscious effort of trying to remember names more often. It feels good for everyone involved. :)

Smile with your heart!

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