Just a tidbit of info :)

Here’s a message from yet another book I look at daily, and I thought it was appropriate as I just started another set at the hospital today. I often find it challenging being around sick people so much, but try to find the good in it as much as I can and also try to inspire and smile as much as possible!!! You’d be surprised how far a smile will go sometimes :) The quote is from the book, “Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations” – Shakti Gawain.

September 29th – I was eager so I looked ahead to tomorrow :)

“Sometimes, an illness may be a message from our bodies telling us that in some way we are not following our true energy or supporting our feelings. It starts with relatively subtle feelings of tiredness and discomfort. If we don’t pay attention to these cues and make the appropriate changes, our bodies may give us stronger signals, including aches and pains. If we still don’t change, sometimes more serious illness can occur. An illness may be a WAKEUP CALL that we need healing on an EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL level as well as physically”.

I liked this message because I think so often we look at a disease as just a physical discomfort (or “dis”-“ease”) of the body, when really it involves every aspect of our health. Our emotions and spirituality play such a MASSIVE role in our health. It is so important to nurture all parts of ourselves!

Smile with your heart!

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYL!!! TWENTY GREAT!! wohHHOOOOOO!! Love you! Thanks for being such an amazing friend and positive influence in my life!!!! :)

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