Lift others up with your practice

This was one of the themes of our yoga class tonight… man Reno ROCKS!!! He always has something that you want to take away with you and share with the world. So this is me sharing :)

The other day I noticed there were a bunch of balancing rocks outside on the seawall.. they made me smile and I carried on with my run. When I got home later that night, they had fallen over. Sooo, I decided to make my own! It was actually really fun, and I recommend it if you ever feel like playing with a bunch of rocks on a lazy sunday :) The next day, I went outside to enjoy a walk in the sunshine and noticed a guy standing beside my skyscaper rock city and smiled. It didn’t take him long to climb over the ledge and start adding to the collection! And then later today, I saw another guy taking pictures of it since it had grown so much!

The point of this story is that we don’t often realize how many people we inspire and affect with the things that we do. Our “practice” includes everything we do in our life. When we strive to do good in our everyday lives, we are practicing yoga. We are always practicing. So DO GOOD. Expressing your talents and living your life with passion will undoubtedly lift up the people around you. It’s like a ripple affect. The “feeling good” is contagious :)

Do what you love. Live a good life. Do good. If you do, it’s impossible not to inspire and lift up everything & everyone around you. :)

Smile with your heart!

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