Time flies… so make the most of it!!!

Last night was my 10 year highschool reunion. When I was 18, I thought that at 28 I’d be married, have a kid or two, a home and have a pretty settled life. HA! What was I thinking!!! I’m no where NEAR that, and am not one bit sad for that. I seem to have been taking the long way in life, but have gained some of the most brilliant experiences from it and met the most amazing of people. I wouldn’t change one single thing in my life or want anything more. I feel so much at peace with everything and everyone around me. It feels good :)

Here’s a quote from this little book I pick up every day and flip to a random quote of inspiration… here was today’s: “Look upon every experience you’ve ever had, and everyone who’s ever played any role in your life, as having been sent to you for your benefit. In this Universe, there are simply no accidents”. – Wayne Dyer (Everyday Wisdom for Success)

10 years has gone by in a blink. Even this hellishly long nursing program has gone by fast looking back at it. We’ve complained and complained about how brutal it is, and now that it’s near the end, we are starting to already miss each other. Even the most challenging, struggling moments in your life can be accepted with grace if you try hard to keep your mind in the moment. Enjoy every moment. Live as if this is your last day. Each day is a gift.

A yoga teacher once told a short story before the class of a man who would climb to a high mountain every morning before the sun rose. When the sun started to peak over the horizon, the man would applaud and jump up and down with happiness. He was celebrating the beginning of a brand new day, which often we take forgranted.

Life is short. Too short. Michelle and I were talking last night how nursing has opened our eyes to so many things. She noticed that on Palliative units (end of life), family members who had been fighting for YEARS would come together and learn to forgive & forget. It’s funny how that happens. If we treated every day like it was our last, maybe we would tell that special someone how we felt or spent more time with the people we love. Try today to think of someone you can maybe learn to forgive, or express how you really feel. Life is too short!!!

Last night was so much fun. I woke up this morning with sore abs from laughing so hard, AND whiplash from all of the shakey face pictures. I have to stop doing that!! I love that we can still take shakey face pictures at our 10 year renunion though, that’s pretty rad :)

Live today as if it was your last day to celebrate YOU!!! Give, give, give, and then give some more. Do what you love. Surround yourself with the people you love. And SMILE WITH YOUR HEART!!!! :)

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