Practice yoga till you’re 102 :)

This is what I’m going to be doing, that’s for sure!!! This morning, I went to a hatha yoga class because I was in the mood for something calming and grounding, and I was feeling really tired. When I layed down my mat, I noticed the lady beside me looked to be in her late 70s. We shared a smile and I instantly felt good because I admired her. I looked around the class and noticed a lot of older people, especially ladies. I felt good during the class, and was allowing myself to take breaks since I really felt like I needed them. The cool thing was, that when I was resting in childs pose, the older lady beside me was kicking BUTT!! She was even doing things more challenging than what the teacher was demonstrating!! THAT was inspiring! I felt myself smile a few times throughout the class whenever I looked beside me. :)

I’ve noticed that the older ladies who practice yoga regularly have a certain glow to them. It’s almost as if their soul’s are shining and they are sharing a secret with their smiles. They look FANTASTIC and they send off a calm, happy glow. I’m going to strive to practice yoga until I’m 102, even if I can’t bend farther than my knees :)

Yoga doesn’t have to be tricky poses or intense pretsel looking arm balances. Your yoga can be anything you want it to be. Even if it means practicing stillness and listening to your breath, this is yoga. It involves finding the stillness within us and expanding that energy to the greater good. Maybe you can try adding a small portion of yoga into your day. I guarantee you will notice feeling more at peace, more in the moment and definitely more grounded.

A few friends have told me lately that they are now addicted to yoga! I am so glad to hear this!! It is already making a huge difference in their lives.. thank you for sharing this!!! Semperviva in Kitsilano/ Granville Island is offering a 2 for 1 week deal right now if you want to try it out. 2 weeks is just the perfect amount of time to allow your body and mind to fall in love with this beautiful practice.

Smile with your heart!!! Make yoga a part of your lifestyle.. your body will definitely thank you for it!!!!

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