Practice Humility

I believe that one of the most attractive traits someone can have is that of humility. When we are humble, we set our egos aside and are not at all consumed with ourselves. We our present in the moment and are able to LISTEN to others without wanting to jump into the conversation with an “I this” or “me that”. We are able to BE in a moment without comparing ourselves to others. We can do the best we can do in that exact moment. When we are humble, we express gentleness, calmness, patience and genuine care towards ourselves and others. I always try to learn from someone I’m talking to, because really what’s the point of repeatedly telling my life story when I can learn a TON more about someone else??! Notice today how many times you say the word “I” in your conversations.. just something to be aware of :)

The reason I’m writing about humility today, is because I am feeling like a newbie once again at yoga. I am still riding a wave of low energy, which has been with me for about 5 weeks now. I have a feeling I’m experiencing whiplash from the intense summer I have had both emotionally and physically. Things seem that much harder for me than they usually do, especially exercise. I swear the other day it felt too strenuous to do a forward bend in yoga! I am that tired! I’m just staring to get back into it because I KNOW that it will help me re-build myself and fuel me with energy once again. It would be easy for me to look around the room and compare myself with everyone better than me, which would ultimately make me feel more frustrated and upset.

I am trying my best to focus on MY-self, the way I am feeling and the best that I can do in every moment. It may not be what I’m used to, but I’m ACCEPTING this. Accepting ourselves allows us to bring more peace, kindness and love into our life, which then enables us to GIVE more love.

So BE humble. Do the best you can do in EACH moment. Be kind to yourself. Send love to yourself, and this will help you spread love to everyone around you.

Smile with your heart!

Oh! I wasn’t able to attend POPfit DAMNIT!!! Murf and I spent too long watching the Ironman in Penticton being TOTALLY INSPIRED!!! And ended up taking the long route home (which included cutting across Oliver along a dirt road with cows jumping out at us – which Mapquest led us on… so random!), and then getting stuck in the Sunday night- home from holidays- traffic. So we missed it, but will be going to his next one. I will keep you posted when it is. I heard that it was AMAZING last night!!!

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