Hard work pays OFF!!!

WoohoooOOOOO!! Another semester.. DONE!!! What an accomplishment!! The hardest semester of the program is BEHIND US!!! Only 34 shifts of practicum left and then the title of “student” will be lost forever!!

It felt amazing to walk out of that last final exam. I swear the harder you work for things, the bigger the reward. I’ve been thinking lately about my biggest achievemnets in life. The most BLISSFUL moments of my life have been after reaching and surpassing my biggest goals. The two moments that stand out the biggest for me are graduating from SFU with my Kinesiology degree and qualifying/running the Boston Marthon. The journey to achieving these massive goals for me took a ton of tears and hours of training. But the cool thing is, the FEELING of reaching my goal is by far the BEST FEELING ever!

SET BIG GOALS!! Dream big. ANYTHING is possibe. And the harder you have to work for something, the better the rewards. In accomplishing these two massive goals, I REALLY do believe that I can do anything. We all can believe this… trust me. Whatever you want in life, reach out and grab it. Put everything you’ve got into it and you will achieve ANYTHING! I can’t WAIT to feel what it’s gonna feel like after finishing this nursing degree. We are SO CLOSE!!!

Dream big. Set goals. Believe you can do it. Chase your dreams until you’ve grabbed it! And when you reach it, you’ll realize how much more opportunity has opened up for you and how many more exciting dreams you now have which you had no idea even existed before. Life is SO GOOD!! We only get one shot at this. It’s not a dress rehersal. So LIVE IT UP!!!!! NOW!

Smile with your Heart!!!

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