It’s okay to hide every so often :) – I recommend it!

I don’t know what has happened to me over the past two weeks, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt so exhausted. Even walking to the grocery store was a chore too big for me. I think that my life just caught up with me and forced me to SLOW DOWN!! I did my best to listen and just RELAX.

My AWESOME dad and stepmom have been sailing around Vancouver island this summer and I had the opportunity to meet them in Victoria. I jumped right on this adventure!! All I’ve been wanting to do lately is sleep and hide from reality for a while. I rarely feel this way, but sometimes I just want to get away from the buzz, turn off my cell-phone, ignore the computer and just BE. What a perfect mini-vacation for me!! And I got to spend some good quality time with family. It was great.

I hopped on a bus on Broadway & Cambie Thursday morning which brought me all the way to downtown Victoria. I’d never taken this bus before, and TOTALLY recommend it if you’re having to travel to the island and don’t want to worry about taking your car on the ferry – Pacific Coach will be your new best friend. We spent the night on the boat in downtown Victoria after heading into town to eat at one of THE best mexican restaurants in the WORLD!! hahah. Probably not, but it’s suuuper good and down to earth. If you’re ever in Victoria, check out The Mexican Cafe. My dad and I ate there a few years back after running his FIRST HALF MARATHON together!! What an experience!!

After sleeping over 10 hours in one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had, we sailed on over to Sydney and found a bay to anchor at. I really wish I could say I knew how to sail, unfortunately I don’t know YET. One of these days I’m going to take sailing lessons, that is for SURE!! We set the crab trap, then rowed to the beach to go for a walk. Rebecca made THE BEST boat meal which she calls simple, but MAN steak & a baked potato tastes 10 TIMES BETTER on the boat!! Just like coffee in the morning.. Sidenote – one of my favorite things to do on a camping/sailing trip is waking up and enjoying a good ol’ cuppa joe :) I napped most of the day while sailing and then slept for another 10 hours that night. Sleeping on a boat is so soothing. I was starting to feel refreshed!

The next morning we woke up when the sun hit our butts (that’s a dad saying :) then sailed to Saltspring Island. We rowed over to a pub for dinner for some fish & chips and oysters (my first ever – I can’t believe it!! and they were GOOD!) and of course a guinness :) Back to the boat to pass out. The stars are AMAZING out on the island. My parents sailed to the outside of the coast which I wish I could have joined them on because I’m sure it was amazing.

Gabriola was the next days destination. All I did was lie on the deck soaking up the sun. WOW. amazing! Thanks so much for having me on this trip!!! I FINALLY felt rejuvenated on this day. It’s amazing what a little get-away will do.

I went to my first yoga class in two weeks today, and MAN it was hard!! I’m still feeling a little tired, and am gonna have to SLOWLY start getting my life back to normal. I”ve enjoyed this break though :) My last exam is on thursday, so the countdown is ON! Only 2 more days of studying! yahoooOOO!

When you’re feeling exhausted, listen to your body and try to relax! This is hard for someone like me who can’t sit still, so I totally understand how hard it is to do sometimes!! I’m grateful for getting away this weekend and taking a vacation away from the buzz of emails, phonecalls, texts… you name it. I REALLY recommend getting away and turning your phone OFF!! If you’re with people you love, I think they’d much rather you be THERE than you being consumed with other things and people who aren’t there with you. AND it feels good to be calm and just BE. It helps bring us back to our self, which is SO IMPORTANT for a balanced life. One breathe, one love.

THANK YOU Dad & Rebecca for an awesome adventure!!

Smile with your heart! (and RELAX!!!)

Love JT

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