World CHAMPS!!!

Okay, so maybe we weren’t world champs, but we kicked BUTT at the beach soccer tournament this past weekend at Spanish Banks!!! This is the Beached Whales second year win in a row!! I must pick good teams to play on, because there is definitely a layer of rust that has somehow appeared on my legs which I can’t seem to shake off! haha We were stacked with retired uni/college players but you definitely don’t need a lot of skill to play soccer on the beach. It’s pretty much a game of kick and run but so fun! I’ve played in this tournament 3 different years (champs each time!! wooot wooot!!) and EVERY year it seems to be the only rainy weekend of the summer. We were hoping for sun, but hanging out underneath a tent in warm sweat pants sippin’ on a few brewskies was pretty much alright :) It was great seeing tons of friendly familiar faces in the soccer community. I miss it!!! A bunch of old SFU players were there too which was great to catch up with over a few beers. I love it when you catch up with friends who you haven’t seen in a while and it feels like you haven’t even skipped a beat. Good times!!!

Our jersey’s (if you can call them that- haha) were made in the sweatshop with personal designs. Once the scissors came out of Erin’s first aid kit, there seemed to be less and less of each of ours. I only rocked the onesie for one game this year, as it was affecting my playing ability. lol. It will make an appearance next year once again :) Tabo just had to put my phone number on the back of my shirt… TABO!!! Surprisingly I did get a bunch of random funny texts and messages.. So funny!

Here’s a pic of our victory shotgun provided by our proud sponsor :) It was the longest shotgun in world history I’m guessing, since I was a part of it. This is definitely a weakness of mine! But i’m quite alright with that :) It always seems to give a good laugh! AND I don’t know how to burp (WHAT??!!! you’re saying!!) – yes this is true – so I’d rather take my good ol’ time! There are more of us out there with this disability, you’d be suprised!!!

Good job beached WHALES!!! Let’s hope for sun next year and make it 3 IN A ROW!!!!

Smile with your heart!!

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