FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #40- Take more pictures!

Writing this blog has inspired me to bring out my camera a lot more than I used to. I’ve gotten in the habit of pretty much bringing it everywhere I go. There’s usually never a moment when you regret taking a picture, so in that case take MORE!!! And if people are ever annoyed that you’re asking to take one, who cares!! That will soon fade away after the fact when they’re tagging themselves on facebook. :)
Who doesn’t like pictures??!! Plus, a picture can make a perfect gift for someone you love. So simple.

Here’s a few I managed to snap in Squamish on Saturday after hiking Joffre Lakes past Pemberton. Mish, Dan, Donny & I stopped at the “Water’s Edge Grill” near my favourite Eagle Spot. None of us had ever been here before and we will DEFINITELY be back!! Best burger I’ve had in a LONG TIME!! Super chill crowd, down to earth people, lots of locals, all making for great people watching. Plus it’s right beside a gorgeous river surrounded by mountains. Can’t ask for much more than this! We got to watch the thunder and lightening all through dinner.. AWESOME!!! I love watching storms!! I can’t believe the lightening actually showed up in the picture! (Sidenote! If you love storm watching, I totally recommend going to Costa Rica during the rainy season. You’re almost guaranteed a massive thunderstorm from the comfort of your very own hammock every afternoon. So cool!!) ! I can’t wait to take photography lessons so I can start taking descent pictures :) That’s yet another hobbie to add to my never ending and always expanding list :)

Smile with your heart! And take more PICTURES!!

Love Twiz

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