BE who you are, and be PROUD!

Sunday afternoon I went to my first ever gay pride parade in downtown vancouver. Wow. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I quickly got the gist of it. :) I met Syl, Ang, Mauritz, Cinz, TRISTAN! and Robbie downtown with a few of his friends. This is Robbie’s day!! Did I tell you Robbie that you’re awesome??!! We went to grab a spot near the end of the parade and waited a while for it to start. PACKED with people!

The coolest thing about Sunday was that everyone was PROUD of who they were. There was no judgement at ALL. People were free, and you could feel it in the air. Everyone was out and about: all ages, sizes, colors, genders, you name it. This inspired me. I started thinking how these are Vancouver’s everyday people, you and I included. Why do we need a special day to celebrate diversity?? Why is it that as humans we feel the need to judge, to think that other people aren’t ‘normal’ if they’re not like ‘us’. There’s something so wrong with this!!!

I once took a personal development course years ago called Landmark. You might have heard of it. Anyways, one of the viewpoints that I still hold with me that they brought to our attention is that most of us are wearing a mask. We are afraid of each other. Think about it. Why don’t you go up to that stranger and give them a compliment? Fear maybe?? How are they going to react? Who knows. But really, who gives a $h!T!!! The funny thing is, is that we ADMIRE those people who are out there, vibrant and CONFIDENT.. the one’s who just don’t CARE what people think!!! Starting today, try taking off your mask. Show yourself to the world. You have NOTHING to lose. Be that CONFIDENT, FUN-LOVING, AWESOME person that you know you ARE!!!

We all have some sort of mask we hide behind. I know that sometimes I can act shy in certain situations. I’ve learned to not say that I AM shy, because in saying this, I am implying a negative thought… something that I cannot change about myself. BUT if I say instead that I feel quiet or shy sometimes, I can own it and learn to change this behavior. Try it. Fill in the rest of “I AM” with POSITIVE things about yourself. Things you love about who you are.

What’s the point of living this life without TRULY being who you are??! That sounds like an awful thing… pretending to be someone just to “fit in”. But really, hiding our true colors is making us grow farther apart from those true connections with people we would feel so much deeper if we were to show our vulnerability, our confidence, our true selves.

Remember, those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter. So BE YOURSELF and BE PROUD!!!

Smile with your heart! AND BE PROUD!!!!

Love Twiz!

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