Listen to your body…

Thursday night, I got hit by a bus. No, not literally, but it SURE FELT LIKE IT. I officially hit the wall! For the past few weeks, I have been riding a wave of feel good emotions and good times. My body had enough thursday night when I was writing my LAST EVER nursing paper!! I woke up from a 2 hour nap and almost instinctively trotted up to whole foods (which is WAY too close to where I live) to get my favourite peanut butter cookie. It was so good that I ate it too fast on the way home, so had to turn around and get another one. After this well needed sugar rush, I tried putting together the last page of my paper. Nope. Wasn’t happening. I called Melissa to see if she would come get a mcflurry with me, because everyone knows a mcflurry will help get a paper done. Right. The good friend that she is, told me to get’er done and call her when i finished. This is what I needed. I FINALLY got the damn thing done, but unfortuantely that last page was probably a bunch of rubbish. Oh well.

The point of this story is that our bodies can tell us so much. It is ALWAYS giving us clues as to what we need and how we are feeling. My body had had enough. Me craving sugar and coffee was my body’s way of saying it needed to rest. Even too much of a good thing can be harmful to us. For me, thursday night was a big eye opener. On top of craving sugar and being exhausted, my body was sore for no apparent reason. I had obviously been exercising too much lately and again, my body was telling me in another subtle way to COOL IT!! Although exercise is a GREAT thing, it too can be overdone.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It will tell you what you need. We even store negative feelings, emotions and energy in certain parts of our body. A few months ago, I went to see my physio when I was not in the best state of mind. As soon as he walked in, he said “don’t even tell me. I know what’s wrong. Sit down, and let’s work on those hips”. He had somehow heard what had gone on in my life and he KNEW that my hips would be storing all that crap!! CRAZY how our bodies work!! We need to treat them so much better than we do. Often we seem to take advantage of them and think that they’ll pull us through anything and everything.

I’m learning that my body needs some well deserved love with a BREAK. I have been sleeping so much lately!! Friday morning I slept in then headed to whistler to see pookie one last time before she moves to AUS!!! AHHHH! What am I going to do without opening the door to Poontree and hearing “TWIZZZZZ!!!!”.. I love those guys!! We headed to the lake and did nothing. Fantastic. That night I did a whole lot more of nothing. Melissa and I just hung out and chilled on this hidden island in false creek. It’s a secret spot ;) Saturday morning I went on a hike with friends past Pemberton and fell asleep at the top on a rock. Wow. Today I went to the Pride parade which was AWESOME! but had to leave early to come home and take a 4 hour nap. I am DONE!! I’ll post pics of the good times this weekend in a few days. Need to catch up on my zzz’s first!!

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! It will tell you everything you need to know. David Gray says it best in one of his songs “Let go your heart, let go your head, and feel it now”. Just FEEL what you need. Listen, become still, and BREATHE. Just listen. It’s amazing what you will learn. Learn to love your body. Our soul, heart, mind and body are ONE. We sometimes forget this. Treat them with love and respect, and you’ll be shocked at how your body will respond. TRUST ME!!!

Smile with your heart!!

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