FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #39- Download some new tunes!!!

Feeling sad?? Download a new song.. guaranteed to make you feel good (if it’s a happy song!!). Try this one: “Fly One Time” by Ben Harper. SO GOOD. I heard it on the peak (wicked radio station which i’m listening to if the country station isn’t playing one of my favourites :), and downloaded it as soon as I got home. SUPER good summer song :) Personally, I use iTunes because I believe in Karma.. but do what you like!! If you only download a few a week, that’s a coffee right there. And music makes you feel better, well longer than the coffee high lasts!! Even make a CD that you can rock out to in your car. I seem to have a bunch of CD’s that always bring me back to a certain time in my life. Right now I’m listening to a summer CD I made a few years ago.. good times :) Make one for yourself, then burn an extra copy for a friend. Done!!! Smiles all around :)


Smile with your heart!!! Listen to some good tunes!!!

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