People are Loving what they do!!

I have to share some things that happened recently about people loving what they do! On July 14, I blogged about LOVING WHAT YOU DO. Mel, Sheena and I spend hours upon end at a coffee shop near the school working on a project that seems endless. This one particular day, the barista made us our coffees with extra love on top. Check out the pic!! She made a dog and a big smiley face!! We were so excited by this, that we asked her how she learned to do this!! She explained that she researches on youtube how to make different creations, as well she attends workshops on how to up her barista skills. SO COOL!! Everyone in the coffee shop was stoked, and just wanted to stare at their lattes instead of enjoying them. She uplifted the whole place, just by putting in a little extra love :)

Here’s another example of my most recent blizzard. I usually ask for extra chocolate brownies, but this time I thought I’d resist the temptation. Check out the extra chocolate he put on top anyways! They’ve never done this for me before!! and i LOVE blizzards! haha He did not have to do this, but it really made my day, AND blizzard experience! hahah. I left with a huge smile on my face and enjoyed it that much more.

It doesn’t take much to put effort into loving your job, or at least trying to and making people feel good in doing so. This inspired me to think of just little things I can do to make people smile!

Smile with your heart! -and enjoy a blizzard every once and a while :)

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