FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #38- Throw a TOGA PARTY!!!

I’m 28 years old. I went to my first EVER toga party on saturday night. Something is wrong with this picture!!

How could I go this long without wrapping a sheet around my body and rockin’ it to a party!!?! What a brilliant idea!! I’m SHOCKED I’ve never done this before!! Of all the varsity party’s I went to in uni, you’d think I would have rocked a sheet at least ONCE.. lets see, there was a pink flamingo, peacock, canucks cheerleader, construction worker.. just to name a few, but NO TOGA!!!

I ran into a friend I used to play soccer with at SFU and he asked what I did this weekend, so I told him about the toga party. He right away said, “how did we get through university not having a toga party!?!” At least I’m not the only one who’s never been to one. Haha And according to the vast amount of youtube instruction videos on how to wrap a toga, there’s a bunch of us out there :)

SO FUN!! Happy birthday Bri!!! The nursing girls were out rockin’ the toga’s saturday night. Nurses definitely know how to party :) It doesn’t get much better then playing flip cup in a toga! Saturday was a pretty mellow night for our usual potential. Only a few more weeks left of this semester and we’ll be causing trouble again I”m sure. :)

Throw a toga party!! It’s such a simple and fun idea! Nice one Bri!! And, if you’re stuck for ideas of what to wear to a party, why not just wrap a sheet around yourself and head on out.. guaranteed a good laugh :)

Smile with your heart!

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