Camp Moomba Yogathon a big Success!!

Wow. Yesterday’s yogathon was AWESOME. The energy was contagious. I am so glad to have found yoga!!! The people that it brings together are just AWESOME!! I am stuck for words :) They ended up raising over $70,000 for Camp Moomba!! Volunteering was great. I got to meet a whole bunch of new people. I also got to do the yoga class! Melissa and Mandy came too! SO good! The 11 yoga teachers did an amazing job. There were so many of my favourites up there! I’m really looking forward to doing my yoga teacher training with Eoin Finn (hopefully in the next 2 years!!). Melissa has done it with him, and can’t talk highly enough about it. He is so knowledgable and makes it interesting and fun. One of my favourite things he said at the very end of the 108 minutes of yoga was from a line out of INTO THE WILD: “Happiness is best when shared”. I believe this to be so true :)

All of the instructors shared some cool words. What I got most out of one of the instructors was something cool about antioxidants. Most of you have probably heard of the term “antioxidants”. I wont’ explain much about it but basically our body produces something called free radicals when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. A visual explanation of this is when you leave an apple that is cut open on the counter. You know how it turns brown?? Well, it has produced free radicals which cause damage and make your apple not as delicious looking or tasty for that matter :) Try this. If you squeeze lemon over a cut apple, you will find that it will not turn brown. In this scenario, the lemon is acting as the “antioxidant” and hence decreasing the damage and production of free radicals. In the body, antioxidants safely interact with free radicals (which can cause a large amount of damage) and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged.

One of the instructors, Bernie, was talking about the simplicity of natural antioxidants. There is no need to buy all of these new age products. It is so simple. The earth in itself is healing and provides the body with natural antioxidants. He recommended just placing the soles of your feet on the ground for even 30 minutes a day. The sun also acts as an antioxidant. So if you’re body is in need of some natural healing, head outside in the sun, and maybe snack on a few blueberries to top it off. So simple! Living healthy is so simple!

Smile with your heart! Head outside and enjoy the amazing benefits the earth and sun have to offer :)

Love JT!

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