FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #37- Laugh it off!

I just have to share this story because I am still laughing from it! Last night in yoga right before savasana (which is the last relaxation pose) some dude let out the BIGGEST and LOUDEST fart possible!!! The worst part was, that NO ONE laughed!!! It was awful!! It had to have been a guy because that thing was impressive!!! I just layed there trying so hard to contain my laughter.. I almost had to leave because I was shaking so hard. The poor teacher was in the middle of saying something that was meant to help us relax and she didn’t even skip a beat. So HARD!! This particular situation has thankfully never happened to me, BUT maybe if the guy was to have laughed it might have made everyone else bust a gut too!! What better way than to finish a yoga class :) We’re all human and all experience embarrassing things. (Like walking into a pole on Commercial Drive.. hahaha.. oops!). Shit happens!! So laugh about it!

If you’re able to laugh at yourself, the world will laugh WITH YOU. If you hold in your embarrassment, people won’t be able to share the humor with you.. so LAUGH!!! Who cares what people think! It’s none of YOUR business what they think, that’s for sure. When you stop worrying about what people think, life gets a whole lot easier. There’s something about situations like these which oddly bring people together. Think about it… if that guy was to have cracked a gut, everyone would have smiled at him and people might have nudged him later saying something like, “good one!”.. so much better this way eh?! So the next time something embarrassing happens, LAUGH AT YOURSELF!! It’s waaaaaay easier and then you get to make someone else laugh too :)

JC’s in town!!! Here’s a pic of us with Quinn and Amanda on a quick visit down at English Bay today. He’s getting so big!! If ever you want to feel good, snuggle a baby. So calming. I love that little guy!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sheeners and Bri!!! Can’t wait for the toga party.. wooooot woooot!!!

Have a fun Friday night!! I’m staying in tonight and renting a movie.. it’s been a while since I’ve had some time by myself. Looking forward to it.. Plus, I’m dog sitting these guys tonight! Up early for the yogathon tomorrow morning.. hope to see you there!!!

Smile with your heart!

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