Yesterday evening I went on a paddle boarding adventure with a friend at Jericho… SO FUN!! We both had never done it before so we didn’t know what to expect. I’ve seen a bunch of people doing it this summer, and I HAD to try it!! It was AWESOME!!! At first we kept falling in because it was a bit too choppy to be all smooth standing upright on a board, but that in itself was awesome. I LOVE the ocean!! It made me want to go on a surfing trip to Tofino SO BAD! That is one of my favourite places on EARTH and I haven’t been there yet this summer!!! I might just have to plan a trip there for August :) If you haven’t yet been to Tofino, please don’t tell me. I will be angry with you. GO!!! (Sidenote… 4 months till I head to Australia!! I’m gonna LIVE in my bikini and flipflops. Gonna try the beach bum life for 6 weeks :) Surf and yoga everyday. The countdown is on!!!)

When we were out there, I just kept looking around and being so GRATEFUL for where we live. That was one of the coolest parts, was just chilling in the ocean being surrounded by this beautiful city. WOW. so good. Super Zen. :) SO GOOD! The best parts were me rockin’ a couple of headstands on the board! And then discovering an island, which looked like it had been found before since there was asphalt all cracked up on it (so random), but how cool is that. Docking onto an island and exploring. i love it!! We still wrote on a rock using a stick that yes indeed, WE found it. Then at least everyone will know this. haha. Unfortunately we didn’t grab any pics, but i’m DEFINITELY gonna be doing this again and bringing a waterproof camera :) Nothing gets much better than a summer evening in vancouver, rocking a bikini paddle boarding before sunset. I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!

Oh, and I really recommend heading down to English Bay to watch the fireworks. I have avoided watching them there ever since I was younger because I get claustrophobic in big crowds, BUT it was great people watching and a super cool atmosphere. Just make sure not to drive down! There’s tons of boats out and everyone seemed to be in a happy mood. This city is definitely buzzing with this SUNSHINE!!! Get out and enjoy it!!

Try something new this summer! Maybe even try paddle boarding! I hear that in Whistler they have yoga classes in the middle of one of the lakes ON the paddle boards!! Sign me up!!! This is a must for me this summer. life is GOOOOOD!!!

Smile with your heart!

oh yeah, no salsa lessons tonight at Ambleside. I decided to do yoga instead and then spend some time with melissa hanging out on the dock… BUT! I got an email the other day from “” which sends out deals everyday. Of all the things, it sent me SALSA LESSONS!! Of course I got it!! 5 lessons for 30$!! Regular it’s over 100$!! I bought an extra one if someone else really wants to come :) SO FUN!!! Check out their website.. crazy deals!! I also got a windsurfing lesson for 17$!! Can’t wait to try it! THIS SUMMER ROCKS!!!

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