Eliminate the word ‘Should’ from your Vocabulary :)

I was once given this advice by someone from Lululemon, I WISH I could remember from who! It has made a big difference in how I plan things and make it happen. Think about it. When someone says, “we should do that”, or “I should really do such and such”. How much faith do you have in that statement? Not much. Let’s face it, it has no integrity. Anyone can throw out shoulds, but are you really going to do it?? It’s kind of like the word “maybe” which as Jack Johnson states, “pretty much always means no” :)

Try instead to use phrases which mean something, that bring about action. Replace the words ‘I should’ with ‘I will’. Stay true to yourself and say what you mean. If you want do go rockclimbing for instance, DO IT! Stop wishy washying around with the shoulds. “DO IT NOW. DO IT NOW. DO IT NOW!!!” This is another one of my favorite Lulu manifesto quotes… what are you waiting for??!

This past Saturday, Crystal, Scott and I went rockclimbing in Squamish! It was the Squamish Days Festival, so we got a super good deal! It happens every year. I love it so much, I’ve been the past 3 :) I’m sure there’s a bunch of us who’ve said, I should try rockclimbing, or I should try surfing. GET OUT THERE!!! You’re missing out if you don’t!!

When I was living in Whistler, I worked as a personal trainer in a climbing gym. That’s when I fell in love with this sport!!! I’m definitely not a climbing guru or anything, but when I have the opportunity to go, i’m all over it :) Crystal and Scott LOVED it and are stoked to go again. I really recommend you try it.. there are lots of gyms in the lower mainland. You never know what you’re gonna discover that you LOVE if you don’t try it!! AND, you might just meet a bunch of awesome peeps and create more exciting opportunities. For instance, right before we got to the smoke bluffs, I ran into Dreya from school who was out there climbing… what are the odds! We’re gonna plan a day to go together! STOKED!

Life unfolds perfectly when you put yourself out there. You don’t even really have to try. All you have to do is follow your heart and watch it happen. :)

Speaking of ‘should’, I really have to get this homework assignment DONE so I can enjoy the weekend more. Time to hit the books :)

Smile with your Heart! and remember, “I WILL!!!”

p.s. Fireworks tomorrow night at English BAY!! You can see them pretty much anywhere from down here though, also on Burnaby Mountain and a ton of other places. They’re on this wednesday, saturday and next wednesday and saturday. SUMMER IS GOOD!!! Get out and ENJOY IT!! Time flies, so DO IT NOW!!!

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  1. Really enjoying your blog JT – keep writing and inspiring! -Sean

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