Do what you LOVE!!!

Hiking and camping are my ULTIMATE favourite things to do, ESPECIALLY in the company of amazing people :)

I was only introduced to backpack camping a few years ago. It looks like it’s a big deal, but it really is an easy thing to do!!! A guy I used to date got me HOOKED on this hobbie. We had only been dating a short while and he wanted to take me camping. Not car camping, but bush camping. What? No bathroom or showers??!! Like any girl I was a little intimidated by this and was really curious as to how I was going to be able to do this!!! So I sucked up the no bathroom part, took the leap and went on the adventure.. DONE!! I fell in LOVE with it!!! I was surprised at how easy it really was.

I share this story because I KNOW it looks intimidating. I’ve been on the other side!! I’ve camped my whole life, but never with a pack on my back. PLEASE add this to your bucket list. It is the most soul enriching experience. It FEEDS your soul!!! Hiking into the middle of nowhere with great friends, setting up camp, enjoying the peace & serenity and being surrounded by nature. Wow. Right in our backyard!! So many mountains to play in!!
Camping under the stars next to lakes and glaciers is easier than you think! The cool thing is you leave your spot as peaceful as you met it. It’s so simple. No big coolers, bbq’s, massive tents. It’s simple. Just grab a backpack and shove in something to sleep on, a tent, a sleeping bag and some food. No stove? No problem. Just bring snacks! Make sure to bring some rope so you can hang the food though… i’ve woken up so many times from nightmares of bears trying to get into my tent!!

This was Chrissy’s first overnighter!!! It was a last minute decision, and when I say last minute, I mean starting the hike at 7pm.. NOT SMART!! Thank goodness it was only an hour hike to camp. I had finished rockclimbing in Squamish and Chrissy was still at wreck beach getting her tan on. I don’t think she realized that we still had to drive to whistler, pack our stuff and hike in!! Next time we know to communicate just a little bit more :) What at trooper though. She re-dislocated her knee just a few days before but was determined to do an easier hike. I searched through my book and found the flattest of flat hikes, which was at Cheakamus Lake just outside of Whistler. So BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m so glad we found it!! and best of all, it was FREEE!! This hobby is amazing. And you don’t need much! I went with JC one time to Garibaldi, and all she had was a big ass sleeping bag and a yoga mat. No problem! On that hike we filled our camel packs up with wine, so we were pretty entertained by the time we got to the top :) So fun! hahaha. Everything in moderation right??!

I’m so glad that I was introduced to this hobbie. I believe that people enter into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This guy just so happened to be for a reason to help me discover this side of myself so that I can help inspire so many other people to try it too! If you love something, go do it. If you don’t have anyone to go with, no problem! Go solo! Or, encourage just one friend to try it with you.

Guaranteed you will meet people along the way of whatever you’re doing who love the same thing as you. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people :) I was shocked by how many of my girlfriends love to do these kind of adventures! Melissa, Mandy and Michelle turned into my hiking guru friends as well as with so many others. Just put yourself out there and DO WHAT YOU LOVE!! When you’re doing what you love, you are smiling with your heart which is contagious and inspiring to everyone around you. GET OUT THERE!!!

Smile with your Heart!!!

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