Camp Moomba Yogathon & Blissfest THIS SATURDAY!!

I know I said I was going to write about my rockstar weekend, BUT it’s gonna have to wait :) I have to let everyone know about the Camp Moomba Yogathon which is happening this SATURDAY!

What is Camp Moomba you ask?? It is an organization established in 1997 which helps children impacted by HIV/AIDS. They recognize that isolation and discrimination are among the greatest challenges facing these children. Camp Moomba provides a summer camp for these children striving to give them a brief respite from their illness in a camp community based on equality, friendship, and support. It is a place where the stigma of HIV/AIDS does not exist. They offer other day/weekend events for these children throughout the year as well.

What is the Camp Moomba Yogathon & Blissfest?? This event is an AMAZING fundraiser for these children. It is a yearly event which keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. There is a 108 minute yoga class instructed by 11 different yoga instructors. Some you might recognize from the Kits area: Eoin Finn, Insiya, Danielle, Clara, Bernie, Dan & Rebecca. What an ALLSTAR lineup!! There is also a blissfest Marketplace which I’m sure all yogis will love. :)

I am so passionate about helping this cause. I met Luke, the founder of Camp Moomba, years ago at Grouse Mountain snowshoe guiding together. I volunteered at this event a few years back, and absolutely loved the experience. This year, I felt I HAD to volunteer once again. I feel that I have become a part of the yoga community in Kistilano now and I want to become more involved. It brings such beautiful people. Since I’ve started practicing yoga, it has one hundred percent changed my life. It’s my turn to give back. I will be there Saturday morning EARLY, and I’m the official Greeter so I get to meet EVERYONE!! They are expecting over one thousand people to participate. I attended the volunteer orientation tonight at UBC and I’m feeling so stoked for it. What amazing people and an even better cause. It’s going to be BLISS ;)

If you haven’t yet registered, no problem. You can show up around 10:00 or earlier and pay 30$ for the yoga class. It begins at 11:00. Just look for me and I can direct you where to go!!! I can’t explain to you the feeling and the energy that this yogathon creates. You will just have to experience it for yourself :)

If you have any questions, here’s the website.
Or you can email me at :)

I hope to see you there!!!

Smile with your heart! And come play yoga on Saturday!!!

Love JT :)

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