Salsa Lessons in False Creek!!

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been wanting to pick up Salsa dancing. I”ve even been downloading some salsa music, and LOVING IT!!! Ever since watching Dancing with the Stars, I’ve wanted to become some crazy, sexy dancer!! Soooooo, last weekend Nat’s sister Channi was telling me about these Salsa lessons that are held at Ambleside Thursday nights for 6$! I was pretty stoked, but hesitated a bit because I”m kinda nervous about taking lessons since dancing is unfortunately not my forte :) The next day, I was sitting at a coffee shop in Deep Cove waiting for my order, and guess what’s sitting right beside me. An advertisement for these exact Salsa lessons!! Hmmmmm.. so obvious and meant to be ;) I must be attracting it ;)

False Creek Salsa Lessons. Okay, here we go. Syl came over after work Friday night and we were waiting outside for Mish and Steph to pick us up to head’er over to Wreck to watch the sunset. Some random dude on rollerskates, yes SKATES, wearing a speedo glides by and I ask to take a picture with him. Oh no. Big mistake!!! He willingly accepted, and then asked if he could teach me some Salsa moves. This guy was so funny. AND he asked Sylvia to record “how much fun JT and I are having in False Creek!”.. Poor Syl is holding this video camera trying to contain her laughter while the dude is swinging me around and getting upset with me. We were laughing HYSTERICALLY! SO RANDOM!!!

Mish and Steph pull up while this guy is dancing with me on his skates, AND getting frustrated at me because I suck and am not even on rollerskates. SORRY BUDDY!!! I wasn’t expecting dancing lessons on the sea wall, let alone by some guy in a skimpy banana hammock!! Michelle is on the phone with her brother and explains to him the situation how “Jenn is dancing with this random guy in a speedo and he is asking Sylvia to video it”. Marco’s response: “Yeah, that sounds about right. That’s Jenn.” Not a flinch!! Why do I attract such RANDOM PEOPLE!!!

After we got our picture taken with the speedo man, we headed on over to WRECK!! Best sunset in Vancouver, HANDS DOWN (or pants down if you wish). They even offer yoga every day down there, not to mention clothing is optional. I LOVE yoga, but this would definitely NOT be for me, but I appreciate the thought. Even the fire blower was out Friday night. Everyone cheers when the sun goes down and then the fire dude blows his big fire torch into the air.. Crazy times. You have to go!!! Unfortunately everyone gets kicked off after the sun sets, so we headed over to Spanish Banks. Have you ever tried doing the “shakey face” and taking a picture of it??

Here’s a few pictures of our best ones.. SO UGLY I KNOW!!! TRY IT!! It’s harder than it looks! hahaha. It felt like I had whip lash waking up Saturday morning from shaking my head so hard! Definitely a good time.
SUCH A GOOD WEEKEND!!! Best one yet all summer. I’ll write more tomorrow, since I’m not gonna be having as much fun this week due to having to make up for all this homework I didn’t do! hahaha. 3 more weeks of classes.. no problem!

And if the weather’s good Thursday, we’re heading to Ambleside for these Salsa lessons (minus the speedo man).. I’ll let you know how they go!

Smile with your HEART!

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