ATTRACT it… and then be patient.

I have been keeping my eye open for the perfect prayer beads for myself lately. Ever since I read the book “Eat, Pray, Love” (twice I might add because I loved it that much), I have been wanting to have my own special beads. Also, lately I feel that I’m more in tune with my spiritual side and want to learn more about this aspect of myself. Yoga has so much to do with this. I love it.

I put it out there to the universe (which is what I call it, you can call it whatever you want) that I’m ready to attract the perfect one. Since doing so, I’ve been noticing them everywhere. After yoga the other day, I went to visit the Lululemon store because they were having a special day where the designers were on the floor instead of the regular staff. I walked in and saw Janine wearing a beautiful one (after having seen a guy at yoga with one I really liked as well). I’m talking to Shannon, who is the RUN designer! Awesome chica! And the next thing you know, we meet Diana who has the most beautiful prayer beads around her neck. Both of our eyes just darted towards it and we were in love with it! So beautiful!! She makes these beautiful gems and just so happened to have a few extras in her purse.

I just felt this whole thing was meant to be. Even when talking to her, our paths are similar. Australia, Thailand, Indo, yoga.. something is happening for me! I absolutely love this mala. I wear it everywhere I go.. thank you so much Diana!!! The beads are from Bali which Diana gets herself. The mala is a set of 108 beads, commonly used by Buddhists and Hindus to count mantras while meditating or repeating mantras. The 109th bead on this mala, which is a Jade stone, is to give thanks to all of our friends, family, loved ones and teachers who have helped brings us to where we are today. I absolutely love this.

The meaning behind some of the stones are so perfect for me right now. Many are stones of love, the heart chakra, healing and finding love. The Jade stone is thought to represent life and growth and to assist one in finding their hearts true desire. It is associated with the heart chakra, as well, and is thought to make it easier for the wearer to express love. PERFECT FOR ME!!! Each of her malas have special beads which all have specific meanings. I love that I met the beautiful gypsy soul who made this! It means so much more :) Her website is She is awesome!! I look forward to seeing you in Australia Diana!!!

I really, turly believe that the things you deeply want, you can attract to you. You just have to FEEL the feeling of having it, and BELIEVE that it will happen for you. I just made a new mini-vision board lately with things that I want for my life right now. I already am noticing things happening. Life is so cool. You just have to have faith, and watch it unravel. LIFE IS GOOD!!

Smile with your Heart!

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  1. Hey J.T. our website is http://www.lovetinydevotions.comThank you so much for writing this. Made my day xx

  2. I’m so glad I found you and your blog x

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