FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #36- Check out an OUTDOOR movie.. for FREEEE!

There’s so much free FUN stuff to do in van this summer, and the weather is PERFECT for it!! Last night I dusted off the good ‘ol rollerblades, packed my backpack with wine & my to-go cup and headed my way over to second beach in Stanley Park to meet my favourite nursing girls to watch THE GOONIES!!!!
The night started with this random dude Steve, with dreds down to his butt, riding up to me on his bike and joining me for the ride to the beach. Nice guy. He guessed I was heading over that way because I looked like “the Gonnie type”. Not sure what he meant by this, but so funny.

Stanley Park was PACKED!!! What an awesome environment!! Everyone had their blankets out, tons of bikes, super chill vibe! Rick was even rockin’ the Goonies T-shirt. NICE!! I haven’t seen the Goonies since I was about 10 years old.. so good. I wish sometimes I could go back to the 80s, just for a day :) hahaha.

There’s a whole bunch more free movies all over BC ALL summer!! Next week is Monsters vs. Aliens, and the week after that Chrissy and I are going to Karate Kid.

SO FUN!!! Summer doesn’t have to be expensive.. there’s so many cheap things to do! GET OUT THERE!!!!

“Heyyyyy, you GUYS!!!!”

Smile with your heart!

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