What you think about, you become.

This was the theme of my yoga class today, and it was also the theme of my whole day. You really are what you think about. I truly believe this.

Lately, I’ve been reading a book titled “The Wisdom of a Broken Heart” – by Susan Piver. Yeah, it doesn’t sound so fun, but it’s been amazing. A friend recommended I read this book, and I am so grateful for that. Last night, I picked it up and read a few chapters before going to bed. I want to share some of her thoughts with you :)

“When your heart is broken, it is broken OPEN. All the love you had for a particular person is still there, but instead of attaching to an object, it floats freely. Your heart goes out to others much more naturally and you find a kind of attunement with the world around you. It’s as though you had thought you were playing a flute all alone in your house but find that actually an orchestra accompanies you. Now you can hear it; you can feel it. You are awake. You are alive. In this aliveness is a profound kind of grace, and eventually, you will come to manifest it with elegance.”
I felt so free when I read this. I visualized my heart being opened and being free to give love to everyone I come into contact with, and to everyone I care about. Something about reading this last night changed the way I now look at everything. I had the craziest, coolest dreams last night. I don’t really remember what they were about, but I remember what they FELT like, and it was good. I KNOW deep down that good things are on their way for me. When I woke up this morning, I felt that I was glowing. I brought this new feeling with me into my day, and WOW. It’s like I’m seeing life with new eyes. Everything just seemed to go my way today. Even the new people I met. I just KNOW that I’m doing the right things in life.. following my own adventurous path.

What I want to share from this is that you really can change your life just by changing your thoughts. Miracles are waiting to happen, you just have to believe and take that leap of faith. All I did today was visualize myself spreading love every where I went, and I really felt people responding to this. I want you to FEEL the greatness you have inside and share it with the world. Try tomorrow to create a positive outlook on how your day will go. Give love to people you meet. We are all one. Smile. You will be amazed at how the world smiles back at you :)

If you’re wondering why it is that I choose to write out my personal thoughts and experiences on this blog, I do it because I’ve learned that we all have the same feelings. I have had a hard experience like this before and have learned so much from it. I felt how hard it was to get back up, but I did it. And I wouldn’t be who I am without it. I have learned that hard experiences are the best things that can ever happen to us. If I can share some ways on how I am getting through it, and help only one person while doing so, then I’m happy. :) Through me sharing my feelings, I hope to encourage people to see the BEAUTY in pain. If only we could see past the fog that sometimes looms over us, we would learn to embrace the unknown and embrace fear for they are the moments that bring about something so inspiring and free. Life is good :)

Change your thoughts, and you will change your life.

Smile with your heart!

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