For those of you who have been on my case to blog, THANK YOU… it makes me appreciate that people read this!! I really am loving writing this blog, so thanks guys.. it makes me want to do it MORE!!! You will be happy to know I haven’t been near a computer or opened a book in the past 3 days because i’ve been loving life WAY TOO MUCH and having too much fun! Life is GOOOOOOD!!!!

Let’s see… it all began on a dock with a bottle of wine watching the sunset thursday night :) Then came out the bright pink nail polish and the high heels to rock it out friday night… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!!! You are such an AMAZING friend and beautiful person!!! Saturday was a rough early start to the day, but SO INSPIRING watching Kev finish the Knee Knacker on the Shore (i’ll blog about that tomorrow…sooo good!).. Bonfire on the beach with the lifeguards saturday night… smores, good tunes, guitar, good people and even tiki torches (Alwyn you rock!).

This morning I woke up smelling like campfire once again, love it :) Picked up Sylvia and headed to Commercial Drive to watch the game.. that place was inSANE!!! The street was closed off, everyone was loving their lives!!! Later we headed downtown in search of the perfect onesie, which we WILL FIND and rock all over vancouver!! I love those things!! To top the weekend off, Katie and I headed to the beach to watch the sunset, mcflurry in hand. Perfect weekend!!
When we were sitting at Jericho tonight, I mentioned how much I love it there and decided that I was gonna spend more time there instead of always heading to Kits. Katie titled my blog tonight “making new history”.. sometimes its a FANTASTIC thing to switch things up. We often forget the things we do over and over without thinking. For instance, I have had the same favourite running route for over 10 years, no joke. I FINALLY changed up the damn thing, and love it way more now! Why did it take me so long to change??!! Pink nails are awesome too.. I TOTALLY recommend it ;) New beaches, new places, new music.. you name it. Rock a hot onesie all over town, ride a 70s bike on the seawall (thanks LAURA!!), try some new sunnies… summer is GOOD!!

Make new History… Every day is a brand new, exciting adventure. Make the most of each of these gifts!!!!

Smile with your HEART!
p.s. Folk Festival at Jericho this coming weekend!! Super fun to just walk around & check out all the funky kiosks, and it’s FREE!!!

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