FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #33- Get your butt to the BEACH!!!

Vancouver is on a HIGH right now with all of this SUNSHINE!!!! You can feel it everywhere you go.. I’m just soaking it all up!!! Everyone seems so STOKED it’s finally sunny!! It’s been perfect for us students, because the hardest part of the semester is behind us. Writing papers in the rain is MUCH easier than staying inside on days like this!!! This is where I’ve been writing my paper all weekend.. not a bad place to be inspired ;) it felt soooo good to hand that damn thing in today and head to the BEACH!!!

Kits yesterday with friends from work (school? what school? cough cough), Whitepine today with the nursing crew, then Kits tonight for a PICNIC on the beach!! Instead of heading to a pub to wish farewell to Carly, we headed down to the beach with wine, salad, cookies (a MUST), choco-covered strawberries, amazing guac and blanket in hand. I met some awesome new friends tonight! What a great community lululemon brings. I’m so glad to be a part of it :) I will miss you Carly!! I met Carly through Lululemon. She is such a beautiful, inspiring person!! She’s heading back home to Chicago after staying here for almost a year. Thanks for adding so much joy and laughter to my life! You will be MISSED!!!

Enjoy the SUNSHINE!!! It feels SOOOOO good to just be lazy on the beach… ahhhhh, the life. :) Life is GOOD!

Smile with your heart!

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