Oops, I mean happy KENADA DAY!

Apparently I’ve been wrong about Canada Day for the past 28 years.. July 1st is actually KENADA day, and Canada Day is February 28th – the Gold medal game!! I’ve got it straight now Poontree!! Happy 30th KEN! Way to take the plunge with style into the next age category :) Such a fun day in WHIS!!! Team Poontree was in full force. Hot tub, beers, irish bar, beers, Longhorn, beers, fireworks, more beer.. you get the point! SO FUN!! Albert definitely made an appearance :) Who’s Albert you ask??! Just give me a few beers and you might just meet him :)
We were definitely feeling it the next day. Even just staring at the clouds lying on the beach was too much to handle. But soooo worth it!! Everything in moderation :) And to have a balanced life, you have to go completely off balance every so often! Like drinking 5 too many beers the night before. hahha. To try and rid ourselves of the pain, we shuffled ourselves over to the rope swing at Lost Lake. I can’t believe I’ve never done an outdoor rope swing before!! Wanting to feel better after a night out? Jump into a glacier lake!! The day got much easier after that :)

Thanks Team Poontree for an awesome night out! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Sadly enough team poontree will be no longer in one month. The adventures will continue in OZ!!! I met the Poontree family when I moved to Whistler for a season after taking a well needed drop-out from nursing school. I had enough of school at that point, and really thought I would never head back to it. I even got rid of all my books. My Dad sure wasn’t pleased with this decision :) But as scared as I was to leave school and go on this adventure, I KNEW that I needed to do it. My life changed dramatically for the better after that. The people I met, the friends I’ve made, the places I’ve travelled… ALL have enriched my life SO MUCH!

I think that when we feel FEAR, we should accept it as a feeling of AWESOMENESS full of opportunity. Our minds try to convince us otherwise but our hearts our full of courage, passion and zest for LIFE! Instead of letting it hold you back, RUN with it!! Use it as fuel to ignite your passion! Grab the fear by the balls, take that leap of faith and you are guaranteed to enrich your life. The people you will meet and the experiences you will have are priceless. What are you afraid of??! Go after it and make life an ADVENTURE!!!

Smile with your HEART!

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