I hope you’re enjoying the liquid sunshine this Canada Day!!! Last year I was out and about on my kayak in the Broken Group Islands. Here’s us with our sparklers on one of the islands :) What a good DAY!!!

This year, I started the day with a celebration of me and gave myself yoga. :) Lately I’ve been finding that some yoga classes have been really challenging mentally. It seems that my mind constantly becomes flooded with thoughts that I don’t want in my head!! Thoughts of sadness, fear, loneliness.. you name it. This has been so frustrating because yoga is my place of peace and I find myself sad and angry that I keep thinking too much! I had a shift today :)

I went to Megan’s class who is a beautiful, kind and genuine person who teaches a SUPER intense class! During the class she mentioned that having unpleasant thoughts are normal during this practice. What we should do with these thoughts of darkness and fear is to invite them in. Not try to push them away, but rather accept them and receive them with love. I found myself smiling after she said this. I started inviting in my fearful thoughts and invited them to play yoga with me today :)

I went up to her at the end of class and thanked her for what she said, also asking if this is a normal thing for people to have tears on their mats. Her words hugged me. She explained that yoga has been a healing practice for thousands of years, and with it comes healing energy which expands as the practice progresses. It is a place to heal, to listen to our thoughts, to learn about our inner universe, and to take all these amazing teachings and apply them to the world. If you are in a place of healing right now, I cannot recommend yoga enough. I can feel myself becoming more self-aware, calm, compassionate and grateful with every day that I practice. It is so much more than a physical practice.

The next time you see a nasty dark cloud of thoughts coming your way, get prepared to get poured on, but WELCOME it. Watch it pass and be grateful that you are able to learn and grow. This is what I learned today!! I am so grateful :)

Have a safe and HAPPY Canada Day!!

Smile with your heart!!!

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