FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #31- MAKE a gift for someone!

Jam making…so random for a Wednesday night, wouldn’t you say??! hahaha It was actually really easy and fun! I’ve been wanting to make jam for a while and my mum said this was the best time of year since strawberries are in season. She is so amazing. She had everything set up before I even got there because she knows I’m super busy lately with school. Thank you so much for all your help!!! Look how much SUGAR goes into it though.. crazy when you make things yourself and realize what the heck is actually in it!!! This is my BEAUTIFUL mum standing next to the finished project. I love you mum!

There’s nothing better than homemade jam on warm homemade bread. OH MAN it is GOOD!!! No homemade bread tonight, but having that jam sure made me feel like I was a kid again :) SO GOOD! It’s funny how sometimes food, a song or even a smell can bring you back to your childhood. I recommend doing as MANY as these things as possible so we always remember the kid in us :) There’s no point in taking life too serious!

When’s the last time you made something for someone??! It could be something simple like writing “I Love You” on a special rock, or making a card. It’s fun making new things, and the person you give it to will feel so loved that you put time and effort into making something for them! I LOVE getting CD’s from friends. It means so much! Thanks Clori, Sheena & JC!! Mandy you’re so awesome at making cards!!! And Katie you are such a good COOK! You guys ROCK!!! My friends should be ready for getting this yummy jam (for Christmas – I’m early this year!!!) haha. I can’t keep surprises damnit!!!

Make someone a gift and you might just make there day too :)

Smile with your heart!

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