FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #30- Explore the Drive!

You HAVE to check this place out… Bandidas Taqeria on Commerical Drive… SOOOOOO GOOD!! Chrissy and I met here for dinner tonight. It was both our first time eating here…. we will DEFINITELY be back! It’s a veggie restaurant with all handmade and fresh, locally purchased food. Super low key and down to earth. Really good prices too for a ton of amazing, super healthy food! I loved this place even more when they brought me my $4 tequilla-lemonade in a mason jar!!! YESS!!! Love at first sight.. me and my mason jar :)

Chrissy liked it so much she ordered her lunch to go for tomorrow.. hahaha. Treat yourself to a dinner out. They even have brunch until 3:00 every day of the week. I’m thinking this might just be my new favourite roll out of bed, lazy sunday morning brunch spot (which is one of my ultimate favourite things to do!!)! There are so many hidden gems on the drive.. INCLUDING the BEST sandwich in vancouver. That will have to be the next food adventure! Explore the Drive!! You never know what you’re gonna find :) SO FUN!

Smile with your heart! Eat healthy! Spend time with family and friends, and most importantly, LOVE YOUR LIFE!!!

Life is GOOD :)

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