Listening to your intuition…

I feel like I have a lot to write today.. I’m feeling ON. There’s a BIG reason for this. I am slowly learning how to listen to my gut, to what my heart really wants. You know when you have a question about life, and you’re not sure which direction to go? You often hear people say that “you already know the answer, just listen!” (I might have even said this in another blog!). Well this hasn’t been working for me that well, until recently. Something I’ve been learning about myself is that I have the ability to “feel” my way through life; although, I haven’t always understood what this feeling has been trying to tell me. I was talking with my therapist about this and she suggested that I name this feeling so that I can OWN it.

Here’s an example. Say you have a nasty cough. You’re questioning what it is, what you should do, what medicine you should take to get rid of the damn thing! You go to your doctor, and she diagnoses you with bronchitis. Now it’s so clear! You are so SURE of what to do and say. You know the exact steps to take to help yourself get better.

What I have learned lately I want to share with you. I’m learning that it will, and has already, transformed my life for the better. When I’m not sure whether or not I should do something, I ask myself “is my heart smiling?“. I actually PICTURE a heart and visualize what it will look like if I were to follow through with this decision. It makes a clear picture and even clearer answer, just like a diagnosis does.

This has helped stop me from doing so many of the things which do not help me to be strong. It has been HARD to follow my instincts, but ever since I have been doing this I have noticed people and events entering into my life which feel so right. It’s like I was holding onto something so tight before, knowing it would hurt me going back. I have gained strength from listening to my heart. I encourage you to REALLY try this. It has changed my life, and it’s only the beginning!!!

Here’s a quote from a book I read every morning which my step-mom bought for me, titled “The Language of Letting Go”. (thanks rebecca!!!). “If we have become frustrated by repeated efforts that aren’t producing desired results, we may be trying to force ourselves down the wrong path. Often, the answer will emerge more clearly in the quietness of LETTING GO than it will in the urgency, frustration, and desperation of pushing harder. Learn to recognize when something isn’t working or isn’t flowing. STEP BACK and wait for clear guidance”.

In letting go and taking a step back from my life, I was able to let my heart FEEL and physically guide me towards the new and exciting road ahead. No more staring at the door that has closed behind me. There are ENDLESS open doors and opportunities ahead of me that I had no idea even EXISTED! I am embracing this change and the endless possibilities ahead. What a freeing feeling this is to know that I can trust my heart. ANYTHING is possible!!

Smile with your heart (and LISTEN to it)!!

Love JT

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