FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #29- Spend some time by yourself :)

Yesterday was a perfect day. My plans fell through last night for hiking an overnight at Joffre Lakes. I was bummed, not gonna lie. I REALLY wanted to do a hike so I called a few peeps and no one was free, so I decided to header’ to squamish a la solo. I haven’t spent a lot of time alone lately, so I felt like it was a perfect day to fill up my love tank. On the way there, I kept running into situations which pissed me off!! Rude people at whole foods (cookies are a MUST for hiking!) as well as at the coffee shop. One lady even backed into the civic!! She was lucky with her fancy BMW that the beast has been abused a fair bit so I didn’t even get out to check. I could tell she was relieved :) ANYWAYS, even starting the Chief I was getting annoyed by a bunch of people. WHAT THE HECK!!! When things happen to me like this I try to realign myself, thinking calm positive thoughts. I kept going, hoping that I’d notice a switch in the events I was attracting.

First peak was AWESOME! Beautiful sunny day surrounded by happy, chill people. It was already starting to feel better :) Next, on to second peak. I always forget how challenging the Chief is with all the chains and ladders. If you haven’t done it before, I recommend wearing hiking boots b/c a lot of it involves hiking up flat rock which might be slippery with runners.

I spent some time at the 2nd peak by myself.. just reflecting on life. Lately I’ve been wanting to be around people as much as possible because of some crap in my life that is slowly beginning to settle. It felt AMAZING to be free at the top of that mountain. That is one way I give love to myself.. and it felt great :) Time alone is so important. If you aren’t comfortable being alone and spending time with yourself, how do you think other people are going to do this??!! LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF!! you are AMAZING!!! Everyone has beauty within.. sometimes we just have to become quiet to learn to love this. Sometimes it takes pain for us to break open the love, compassion and grace inside of us all. There is ALWAYS so much more inside of you!

I was chicken to do the 3rd peak by myself because not as many people hike to that one (call me a woos, but i’m more scared of weirdos than bears…. fyi, not a super smart idea to hike the chief alone if you’re a chica!..). I started heading back down the 2nd, and then I ran into some new friends who invited me to hike the rest of the trail with them!! I once again felt like things were falling into place. I was so meant to be talking with these ladies… ever have that feeling like people or circumstances were placed in your life for a reason??! This was one of mine for the day :) LIFE IS GOOD!

After the hike, I went to spend some time at my favourite place in squamish.. the Eagle watching river in Brackendale. In the late fall months/early winter you’re guaranteed to see a bunch of eagles. It’s a beautiful spot. I brought out my journal and set some goals.. something I haven’t been able to do or even wanted to do for a while. I feel like my life is getting back on track. There’s still a MASSIVE bump in the road, but I’m adapting, growing and inviting this change into my life. Resisting it will only make things worse. Life is too short to be stuck. NEVER SETTLE!!

If you’re not comfortable spending time alone, start by doing small things by yourself. I’m not saying to ALWAYS do this.. hell no!! But it’s important to be comfortable with being alone with your own awesomeness! If you don’t believe that’s inside of you, just wait… you will learn to LOVE the person you are. You just have to WANT to learn about yourself and listen to what your heart needs!!! My heart is telling me to smile and be free :) !!!

Smile with your HEART!!

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