I just called to say….

Phewwww.. that was a doozey of a midterm!!! That’s where I’ve been all weekend instead of doing fun things and blogging :) I’m getting used to these weekends full of textbooks and paper writing. The hard work WILL pay off. I know it will. Just taking it day by day.

I had some breathing time after the exam today and felt like I needed a little inspiration, so off I headed to my favourite store… MEC!! I could spend hours in there!!! Every time I go to that store it makes me dream of even BIGGER adventures!! I am REALLY looking forward to our august adventure, it can’t come soon enough!! Here’s a picture of Melissa and I on our kayak trip last year. One moment I will never forget was a calm, crisp, beautiful morning with the fog just starting to rise. We both felt inspired and wanted to listen to music, but we only had one iPod. So… so we attached our kayaks together, shared the headphones, and attempted paddling together in sync. We laughed SO HARD! I will never forget it! It’s funny how little things just stick sometimes :)

I guess you could say I haven’t been my outgoing, fun self as much as I want to be right now. It’s been hard for me to give the same amount of time and energy that I love giving to the people I care about. I am so grateful that my friends and family understand this right now. Last night I was doing my final cramming, hence didn’t check my phone until later when I was drinking a glass of wine watching the sun set. Yesterday was Summer Solstice! Longest day of the year, so I wanted to celebrate and send out my intentions for this next phase of my life while enjoying a peaceful moment on the seawall. It was then that I checked my messages and heard two that were left from Melissa. She just called to say she was thinking of me, and knew that I was going through a rough patch. She told me she’d just keep calling, not expecting anything back. What a great friend. What an amazing moment. She made my day!!! I called her back right away and THANKED HER for being there and for helping carry me through this challenging transition in my life. What a blessing you are in my life Melissa! Thank you!

It felt so good to know that a friend was thinking of me, and called just to let me know that. Today, try emailing or calling someone who you feel might need some extra love by giving a phone hug :) I’m going to call my mum right now.. one of her favourite songs is “I Just Called to Say I Love You”!! :) I know it will make her smile!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I wonder how you're doing all the time. After I saw you at yoga the other day I set my intention to send you positive vibes… My meditation was saying your name as I breathed in and out to send you the positive energy that I have been feeling after my 40 days of yoga. I hope you got some of it! Good luck with everything… you're a smile in my heart.

  2. Thanks so much crystal :) That means so much.. and I remember I DID feel it that day… there's something so powerful about yoga, so glad you love it too!

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