FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #27- Hike the GRIND!!

I don’t think you can call yourself a true Vancouverite unless you’ve hiked up the Grouse Grind!! (or at least taken the Gondala up to the top :)! Here’s Mandy and I at the top tonight. I was in a bit of a funk from studying the day away but got myself there so I new I had to hike the damn thing!! If I hadn’t planned on meeting Mandy, I probably wouldn’t have gone.. that’s why it’s so GREAT to plan exercise with friends (especially challenging things!) The grumpy pants feel off by the half way mark thank goodness. It’s almost impossible to stay grumpy surrounded by trees and birds chirping happily away. I can’t say enough how therapeutic nature is to me. If there are such things as past lives, I think I must have been a tree :) hahaha. We ran into some of the Lulu crew, kits yoga crew and Endorphin Junkies crew at the top!! Kits Community is EVERYWHERE around Vancouver!! I LOVE IT!!!!! We must be doing something right since we’re all loving life so MUCH! ;)

Mandy and I met about 8 years ago leading snowshoe running clinics at Grouse Mountain. She is one of the most inspiring people I know!! Thanks for helping me take off my grumpy pants Mandz!! And inspiring me even more to TRAVEL and do the things that scare me most!! Every time I hang out with Mandy, I learn something new.. I love that about her!! She lives each day to the fullest and does so with an enormous amount of positive, contagious energy and a BIG BIG heart!!! I always feel fantastic after spending time with her!! Thanks Mandz!!!
Together Mandy, Melissa and I have hiked the West Coast Trail and kayaked 7 days last summer in the Broken Group Islands. A MUST do if you’re a BC adventure enthusiast (or at least try kayaking in Vancouver!! Sheena can tell you about some awesome inflatable kayaks she just got.. love the stories and updates on the kayaking adventures, keep ’em comin’!!!). This years big adventure might just be conquering the North Coast Trail :) YESSS!!! Can’t WAIT!

Smile with your Heart! Enjoy the weekend!

Love JT

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