FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #25- Practice Patience.

I arrived on time to my soccer game in east van tonight. I was all ready to go, and was wondering why I was the only one from my team at the field with 15 minutes to game time. I phoned one of the girls and she laughed and told me the game was actually in DELTA! aHHHH!!! I threw out an angry f-bomb (not gonna lie!), put on some good tunes & a smile and headed on my way out to Delta.

One thing I’ve learned which I want to share, is a way to help deal with situations like these. Instead of throwing a fuss, staying angry and rushing, try taking a deep breath. Take a moment to say THANK YOU because you are able to practice your patience at this moment! Sound crazy?? Maybe, but it works. I’ve told a few people to try this and they love it :)

Same goes for when you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you is taking her precious time. She dumps out her bag of change, drops things on the ground, searches her purse for more change.. and on it goes. You start darting your eyes to the other checkouts to see if those will be any faster, and you are getting more and more frustrated!! We’ve all been there!! But really, all of these things don’t make the situation any better.. they just make you feel worse.

So next time something like this happens, try sending out a THANK YOU and realize that you have been given a GREAT opportunity to practice your patience. There’s a good chance you’ll smile, because you have just taken control of the situation and it feels good :)

Practice your patience today! Start looking for situations where you are able to practice even more :)

Smile with your heart!!!

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