If you haven’t yet listened to these guys.. it is a MUST!!! I’ve been rockin’ in the civic to these guys for the past WEEK.. LOVIN’ IT!!! Thanks Clori and Carly for the CD!! It’s a PERFECT summer CD!!! They’re a band from London, but I swear they sound Irish!! Listening to them makes you want to grab some friends and head straight to Doolin’s Pub downtown, guinness in hand!!! LOVE THAT PUB!! They even have live irish music!! You can’t NOT bust a move when you hear these guys!!!

I love Irish Pubs!!! After I saw “P.S. I Love You” (which is filmed in Ireland) I packed my bags and headed to Ireland in search of my own handsome Irish man… kidding. But it definitely would have been a bonus ;) hahaha I went to visit my two close friends Ross & Harto who Pookie and I lived with for a bit when I was in Whistler… these guys are HILARIOUS! We’re hoping for a whistler reunion in Oz or New Zealand coming up soon :) I have never drank so much beer as that Christmas! Those people can DRINK! One of my favourite memories was Christmas Eve. Their tradition is to do the 12 pubs of Christmas!! I think I made it to 6. Taxi Please! hahaha.. so fun :)

I LOVE travelling!!! I always think after each trip that my travel bug will disappear, but I”m starting to think I’m gonna have it for LIFE!!! Dream. Explore. Discover!! DONE!! I’m gonna turn my life into this!!

Check out Mumford & Sons.. guaranteed smiles and booty movin’!!! hahaha

Smile with your HEART!

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