60 Day Challenge :)

I woke up this morning and went straight to yoga. I haven’t been going consistently for a few weeks, so I was glad to be back on my mat. The nice thing was, a few people came up to me and asked where I have been?? What a good feeling :) Community. The yoga community at Semperviva in Kits is AMAZING. I feel like I belong there. I then headed to Lululemon on w.4th to say hello to the crew and was greeted with tons of hugs… what another great feeling of community!! Love those guys :)

I decided today that I am going to challenge myself for 60 days to be as healthy and happy as possible :) Why 60 days you ask?? Well it’s more than 30, which just didn’t seem like enough.. and I like a good challenge. What a perfect day to start. The sun was OUT and everyone is HAPPY and loving their lives :) World Cup has started!!! So much great things are happening.

If you want to join me on this 60 day challenge please tell me and we can help each other be as healthy as can be :) For those of us in school, 60 days means we are almost done our last semester of theory!! I am going to STRIVE during these 60 days to live in the MOMENT. Embrace every moment, every feeling, every smile, every encounter. I will try to practice on my yoga mat every day. I will hike on the north shore, eat healthy, camp, run a ton, spend lots of quality time with friends, and just BE! I am focusing on becoming the best possible JT imaginable :) WATCH OUT WORLD!!! hahah. I think we should all strive for this!! Why not try this 60 day challenge with me??!! DONE!! Day one starts NOW!!!!

Smile with your Heart! (and ENJOY THE SUNSHINE!!!!).. SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!

love JT

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