I feel pressure to write every day now!!! Geeez! Thanks GUYS!! haha Thanks everyone for reading my BLOG!!! I’m loving the feedback :) Writing this helps inspire ME to think of something every day that might just make someone else’s day :) Also it’s therapeutic writing my feelings and sharing what I”m learning through this whole life journey :) Lots more to COME!!! Keep SMILING and LOVING YOUR LIVES!!!

In the next few months, I’m going to be turning this into a website so that it will be easier to spread the LOVE!! I bought the website, so now I just need to figure out what to do with it! I have a mac computer tutorial on how to build websites, so if you’re interested.. we can learn it together!!! yeooowwwwWWW! Let me know!!!
Smile with your HEART!
Love JT

p.s. Maybe the point of me writing this small blib today was to share that I’m already feeling better just writing some stuff down.. anything!! Journalling is healing. I was exhausted and run down today after coming home from school… even skipped out on yoga to get a few zzzz’s in. I just rolled out of a nap, and am about to head off to my counsellor… I am feeling inspired once again today, so thank YOU for putting the pressure on me to continue sharing the ups and downs of my life!!! I love it.. every second of it :) LIFE IS GOOOOOD!!!!

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