I need a HUG!!!

I feel like I’m drowning trying to keep up with this semester! I’ve had my nose in the books way too often lately!!! We are all feeling the same… that’s one good thing about this term. We are all in it together. We’ve never bonded so much and spent so much time with each other as this summer. We all complain about how hard it is, but i know we’re gonna miss it when we’re done :) All of us have at one point or another called up a friend and said, i’m gonna vent for a few minutes… ready??! And then we listen, sometimes cry, swear.. you name it. It’s one method that keeps us going.

Sometimes that’s all we need. Validation for our feelings :) I hate that saying “misery likes company”. I think it should be rephrased as “misery needs a bit of validation here in order to be good company again!! :)” Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes of listening, recognizing feelings, and a BIG HUG! I gave myself a hug today by going to yoga :) AND eating my favorite peanut butter cookie form Whole Foods (which I ran off later tonight haha.)

If you see me in the next few days, and you’ve read this blog, i would LOVE A HUG!!! The best way to give a hug is to receive it!! I love that :)

Here’s me and Quinn who loves to snuggle and give hugs!! What a cutie :)

Smile with your heart!

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