Counselling is amazing :)

Lately I have been seeing a counsellor, who has been helping me sort out my feelings. AMAZING. I haven’t seen one in a few years, and it was definitely due. I have to recommend counselling to EVERYONE :) For some reason there seems to be a stigma behind it. Often it seems people are embarrassed to admit they see a counsellor. I am PROUD to say that I talk with someone! I think everyone should!

Health is holistic.. it involves every aspect of ourselves: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, … you name it. How come it’s okay for someone to go to a personal trainer to work on their body, but not a counsellor to work on their mind?? Mental health is SO IMPORTANT to our well-being!!! Who would we be without our minds??! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without seeking help. Counselling is hard. I will admit. It’s not fun learning certain things about yourself, and then realizing you’re gonna have to work on it??! What?!!! But trust me, the work is the best part..! It is on-going. We are always able to learn and become better people. The more aware we are of our own beliefs and values, the more we will be able to relate to others and therefore make an impact in their lives, all while enjoying ours more!! :)

If we bury and ignore our feelings, they are still taking up space. Even though they’re hidden, they are still there. They get bigger and bigger.. wanting desperately to get out. Sometimes you feel this in your gut.. you just know. Guaranteed you’re gonna have to deal with it one day or another. It might just sneak up on you and ambush you when you least expect it. I think that’s one reason why we tend to attract the same types of people and situations, so that we’re FORCED to deal with things!

An interesting thing I learned yesterday at my session was to try to always put my own feelings first. If ever you’re wondering, what should I do?? Ask yourself, “what do I want for ME?” “Am I doing this to make someone else happy??” If that’s the answer, maybe you should rethink your actions. I am working on doing things for myself. It feels good to know that doing what I want is okay. And no, it’s not selfish. We have to be true to ourselves. I am slowly learning this!!!

It’s been a looooong week. Xavier Rudd tonight at Malkin Bowl!! I’m STOKED!

Smile with your Heart!

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