FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #21-Volunteer :)

Yes, that’s right folks.. get out and VOLUNTEER!!! You gain SO MUCH from volunteering.. i need to do it WAY more :) First off, you get to help out and make a difference. But you also gain an amazing experience, meet new and passionate people, become inspired by something new, and perhaps ignite something inside of yourself that might just make a huge impact in the lives of SO MANY, including your own :)

Here’s Sheena, Mel and I volunteering at BACI tonight after school. BACI is Burnaby’s Association for Community Inclusion which provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We are fortunate to have been placed here for our clinical rotation this semester for our change the world project! We are planning on making such a DIFFERENCE that we are gonna bring Oprah and Ellen out to come support our cause :) ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! So tonight, we helped out at their general meeting by serving burgers and rootbeer floats! I can’t remember the last time I have had one of those.. so good! Then we dusted off our cowboy boots and busted a move with all of the participants in a little square dancing.. SO FUN!! Couldn’t stop smiling and laughing… everyone was just having a blast.

It felt good to volunteer our time tonight.. I feel that we helped some individuals to smile and maybe made a small difference in their lives :)
Here’s another pic of me volunteering with the Massage Therapist Team at BC Bike Race 2 years ago.. one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had :) I still keep in touch with a bunch of the friends I made, and it got me into mountain biking! I’m going to volunteer as a nurse the next summer I’m around. I’m hooked!

Think of somewhere you might be able to offer your time and talents. You CAN make a difference :) Next on my list is to donate blood.. anyone want to come? Let me know!

Smile with your Heart!

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  1. I'll come donate blood with you! It's been about a year since I last went and just as long to recover from the drop in IRON I experience every time! lol I persevere because it makes me feel so good to help others! Give me a call lady!

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