One day at a time…

Day by day. Moment by moment. This is the way I have been living lately, and it’s working so well for me. I usually have goals set out for the next few years and know what my huge plans will be. Things have definitely changed recently. Life has thrown me a curve ball. I have NO IDEA where I will be or what direction my life will be heading even 3 months from now. All I know for SURE is that I will be finished my nursing degree in November and my backpack and I will be heading to Australia for an adventure of a lifetime :) The opportunities are ENDLESS!! This is something to look forward to for me!

Some days have been really hard lately. Advice that a friend gave me (thanks Crystal!) is for whatever you are doing, ask yourself, “is this making me feel happy”?? If not, move on to something new. Living this way has helped me to stay present. Every day I have been spending time in nature and then on my yoga mat. A trail run with Carly yesterday at UBC and the grind with Mandy today… so therapeutic!!! Friends and family have been my greatest support lately.. THANK YOU.. I wouldn’t be who I am without all of you :)

I am so grateful to have found yoga. One of my favorite teachers mentioned one class that the most IMPORTANT time to practice is when we are broken. It has been my goal to practice on my mat each and every day. I can’t explain how much yoga has changed my life and has helped me grow as a spiritual being. Today during class, I started to cry during relaxation (which they say is a normal experience for many). I smiled after this happened, because I know I am growing and healing. Crying is healing.. it is letting go. I am so glad I went to class today. I feel like a different person because of it.

One day at a time, moment by moment. Just let go and BE.

Smile with your heart.

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